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The angel Gabriel must school Joseph to accept Mary's pregnancy, while Mary comes to terms with God's plan through meditations that are sometimes angry and usually punctuated by elemental images of the sun, moon, clouds, flowers, and water.Godard intercuts a brief parallel story of Eva and her nameless lover; their adulterous affair, rife with philosophical discussions, leads nowhere File Size: ~1000MB Resolution: 608x448 Duration: 76 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Je vous salue, Marie.part1- 244.3 MB Je vous salue, Marie.part2- 244.3 MB Je vous salue, Marie.part3- 244.3 MB Je vous salue, Marie.part4- 244.3 MB The Sexploiters Year: 1965 Country: USA Genre: Drama, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: Original Director: Al Ruban Studio: Esquire Pictures Starring: Norma Berke, Bettina, Joann Brier, Gigi Darlene, Walter Druker, Don Dwyer, Irene Erlick, Frank Loren, Dennis Marlatt, Jackie Miller, Moe Morris, June Roberts, Terri Steele Description: A picture that goes beyond your imagination!The CN Tower in Toronto is the tallest free-standing structure in the world and is 553m high.There are 10km of underground walkways connecting many of the buildings in downtown Toronto, which makes getting around in the long snowy winters much easier.Her memories of each of them differ sharply from their own. Gradually her memories clear as she parties with another patient, Paul's niece Sharon.

There's Sepp, who believes he has discovered an oil-well.Through a series of erotic encounters and mistaken-identity comedies, Jacomo and Jacomino make their way back to Venice for their appointment with the Caliph's wife File Size: ~1400MB Resolution: 640x410 Duration: 88 min Format: mkv Download Link(s): The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova.part1- 274.7 MB The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova.part2- 274.7 MB The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova.part3- 274.7 MB The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova.part4- 274.7 MB The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova.part5- 274.7 MB La professoressa di scienze naturali Alternative Title: School Days Year: 1976 Country: Italy Genre: Comedy, Erotic Quality: DVDrip Language: Italian Director: Michele Massimo Tarantini Starring: Lilli Carati, Michele Gammino, Alvaro Vitali, Giacomo Rizzo, Ria De Simone, Gianfranco Barra, Gastone Pescucci Description: When the local science teacher hurts herself during a failed experiment and ends up in hospital, she is replaced by young and sexy Stevania Marini.Barely out of school herself, Stefania finds herself the object of affection for several men, including a young baron and and even most of her male students. arrivano le collegiali.part4- 279.2 MB Penelope Pulls It Off Year: 1975 Country: UK / Germany Genre: Comedy, Erotic Quality: VHSRip Language: English Director: Peter Curran Studio: Elsinore Productions Starring: Linda Marlowe, Anna Bergman, Nicholas Day, Horst G.File Size: ~1050MB Resolution: 672x496 Duration: 81 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Keyhole -Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part1- 263.7 MB Keyhole - Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part2- 263.7 MB Keyhole - Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part3- 263.7 MB Keyhole - Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part4- 263.7 MB The New Black Emanuelle Alternative Titles: Black Emanuelle 2 Emanuelle Nera 2 Year: 1976 Country: Italy Genre: Drama, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: English Director: Bitto Albertini Starring: Angelo Infanti, Shulamith Lasri, Don Powell, Percy Hogan, Danielle Ellison, Franco Cremonini, Dagmar Lassander, Pietro Torrisi, Franco Daddi, Attilio Dottesio Description: International cover girl, Emmanuelle Richmond Morgan, is in a clinic near Manhattan suffering memory loss.Her physician, Paul, a Freudian, pays her special attention, making his wife jealous.

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